Additional Learning Support

There’s so much more to college life than just studying. We want your time here to be fun and one that you’ll remember. At college, you’ll have the chance to be independent, meet new people and get involved with lots of fun activities. You’ll have the opportunity to join social and activity groups, and sports teams, go on trips and so much more with our Xtra team and Students’ Union.

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The SEND Team

SEND stands for special educational needs and disabilities. The SEND team helps to make sure that each student or apprentice who has a disability, or possible disability has their educational needs met.

We are based in the Wellbeing Hub in South Block, but we work with the staff on all different courses. We help them to make things fair for you.

Our values

Inclusive practice is important to us.

Inclusion is about you feeling included and like you belong.

Inclusion is about us removing barriers, called Reasonable Adjustments so that you don’t have to work lots harder than others and you have the same chance to do well.

It’s not easy to get this right all of the time, but we are committed to getting it right.

Types of learning support

We offer support in lots of ways and will work with you to agree on the right level and type. We aim to help you keep up, work as independently as possible and ensure you don’t feel embarrassed.

We do lots of other things including,

· Checking what exam access arrangements people need

· Working with your Local Authority to meet the needs of learners with EHCPs.

· Arranging LSA support (Learning Support Assistants) in lots of classes.

Read what some of our Neurodiverse students think of our support offer here at college.

Wellbeing Hub

The Wellbeing Hub is a quiet, relaxing and safe place where you can find out more about the support available to you while you are at college. You can access additional learning support, safeguarding advice and guidance, early help support and counselling. We are based on the ground floor of South Block should you need a quiet space to reflect and relax.

If you’re a current student or apprentice, our Wellbeing Team has developed a suite of resources to support you on your learner journey too, take a look at the Wellbeing Hub Online Virtual Learning Environment for further information HERE.

Your Guide, Safety, Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health Support Plans

We recognise that mental health affects many people and we would like to help support you with your learner journey by offering mental health support plans. You may have a diagnosed mental health condition, struggle with anxiety and depression maybe? Your college experience is important to us and we will ensure that a supportive and effective plan is in place to enable you to succeed and thrive throughout your studies, exploring strategies and interventions that offer positive outcomes and progression.