Upcoming Events

  • Being an artist puts your career in your own hands, paint your success starting with one of our art courses >> https://www.chesterfield.ac.uk/art-fashion-photography/
  • We’re still accepting applications!  That’s right, there’s still a place waiting for you at college. From business and travel to art and graphic design, we have a range of courses on offer to suit all levels. Take a look and apply now to secure your place >> www.chesterfield.ac.uk/chesterfield-college-courses
  • We are loving having students back in college, and we hope you have enjoyed your first couple of weeks with us. 
This year we are offering the chance to win an Amazon gift card to the student who writes the best blog about their experience joining the college. To enter visit >> https://www.chesterfield.ac.uk/amazon
  • College isn’t just for school leavers! We’ve got a number of short courses taking place throughout the year. For example we’re running a series of silversmithing and jewellery making workshops, starting tomorrow! Both morning and evening classes are available. Go to our website and search 'Silversmithing' to book your place! www.chesterfield.ac.uk #silversmithing #jewellery #workshops #adultlearning
  • If you’re a car lover and interested in pursuing a secure career in the body and paint industry then look no further than our vehicle accident repair courses. The Level 1 course requires no previous experience and is a great introduction to body work and paint refinishing techniques. Apply now >> www.chesterfield.ac.uk/vehicle-accident-repair-and-refinishing

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