Student conduct and discipline

The Student Code of Conduct enables us to create a safer and supportive learning environment for all our students. We expect this code of conduct to be followed by all students including those who learn on other premises, for example apprenticeships and students on work placements.

  1. Aim for excellence in all you do and seek to develop your skills and knowledge and achieve your learning goal.
  2. Value your learning experience and the contribution of others ensuring you do not disrupt or interrupt others’ learning (including the inappropriate use of mobile phones in and around learning environments).
  3. Take responsibility for your learning – this means full attendance, excellent punctuality, professional behaviour, completing work and meeting your deadlines.
  4. Show respect to all members of the college community and workplace. Intimidation,
    bullying, harassment, provoking or threatening any individual will be a disciplinary matter.
  5. Support the college community – treat people fairly regardless of their gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, race, background or disability.
  6. Recognise your responsibilities – do not use language or gestures that may offend other members of the college and local community.
  7. Work together with other students and value their contribution as part of the college experience.
  8. Respect the environment and facilities available to you. This includes not smoking on the college campus, not leaving litter, and only parking in designated areas.
  9. Ensure that you refrain from being drunk or under the influence of legal or illegal substances. In addition, you should not supply or be in possession of any legal or illegal substances at any time.
  10. Act as an ambassador of the college and your course – behave in a responsible and reasonable manner at all times including when travelling on college buses or whilst on educational visits.
  11. It is your responsibility to carry your student ID card when in college or on college business; as well as following the college health and safety and safeguarding procedures at all times to ensure your own safety and the safety of others. If you believe yourself or anyone else to be at risk of harm, you should act by reporting this to an appropriate member of staff.

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