Student/Apprentice Disciplinary Policy

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The Student/Apprentice Disciplinary Policy provides a framework for managing behaviour where this may prevent students/apprentices or others from feeling safe within the learning environment and/or where this affects their ability to learn effectively in a respectable and inclusive environment. It aims to ensure that all instances of student/apprentice misconduct are dealt with fairly, consistently and transparently, and that any perceived barriers to success and progression do not go unsupported or unchallenged.

The Chesterfield College learning community has a duty of care to all students/apprentices and, as part of its response to any perceived misconduct, will consider and explore all identified support and learning needs as a priority. As part of establishing core values and setting out expectations around codes of conduct, the College is demonstrating commitment to its mission; Inspiring Futures, Changing Lives; and helping to create good citizens who are employment ready.

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