Sixth Form – A Levels

Welcome to the Sixth Form at Chesterfield College. We’re a great choice if you’re planning on progressing on to university after college – not only will it provide you with recognised qualifications, but will also equip you with the transferable skills you’ll need for university-level study and employment.

Whatever your interests and future career aspirations we have a number of A Level subjects and Level 3 equivalents for you to choose from. With traditional subjects such as English and maths to subjects that you may not find at school, such as philosophy and criminology, there is something for everyone.

  • As an A Level student you’ll study three subjects, there is the opportunity to study four if you choose to
  • There is also the option for every learner to complete an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which would be discussed with your tutors in term 1. EPQs are individually matched to your interests and future plans, they are a highly-valued additional qualification at this level
  • Making an application and selecting subjects just gives you and us a starting point for interview. Every applicant will be invited to interview and we will guide you from there
  • All students receive academic progress support and also has specialist tutor
  • As an A-level student, you can expect to be around 18-21hrs in the classroom and studying a similar amount of time independently with guidance, it’s a full-time job!

We have carefully crafted our timetables and subjects on offer to compliment your subject choices when you apply. Below are the course selection groupings to choose from. When you apply to college we encourage you to apply for up to four subjects from this list. We cannot guarantee to meet your needs if you choose two subjects in the same column but we have constructed our timetables and course selector carefully to try to avoid that happening.

This means you can look at each column (A to F) and choose subjects that you want to study in up to four separate columns.  In the unlikely event of you not being able to find your preferred combination of subjects all you need to do is select your top two or three and then speak with us at interview about your choices.

A Level course combo selector table

Whatever courses you select need to be courses you’ll enjoy, you might be sure about what you want to study right now with a clear career path in mind but don’t worry if that isn’t the case, we’ll guide you through with a personalised interview, taster sessions and support materials to ease the transition into Further Education over the coming months. The most important part is letting us know that you want to continue your education, we’ll help you at the interview and from that point onwards to plan your future goals to get you to where you want to be.

Studying for your GCSEs has been a turbulent time recently and we’re proud to offer support with GCSEs in English, Mathematics and Sciences this year if you plan to study with us. We want every one of our applicants to get the very best outcomes at GCSE even before you join us. We have a specialist team of English teachers, Mathematics teachers and Science teachers in Sixth Form, all of whom have considerable experience at GCSE and know how to help you maximise those grades at GCSE, providing a strong foundation to progress to A-level. As soon as you apply our team are here to support you in getting the very best grades you deserve.

Whatever you decide to study, we look forward to your application. Let’s take it from there.


Social Sciences








Support during your A Level studies

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