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Whether you’re an art and design or photography student at college you’ll have the opportunity to let your creative flair run wild. You’ll have access to outstanding resources and facilities such as a ceramics studio, dark room, Mac and PC editing suites, sewing studio and silversmithing workshop. To maximise your creative potential you will be supported by our expert tutors who have years of experience in their specialist industry.

At Chesterfield College, we have great relationships with universities and art colleges, allowing our students to benefit from exclusive lectures and workshops. You’ll also have the opportunity to create your own exhibitions as part of our end-of-year Arts Festival and fashion show, so you can really show off your talent.

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Art and Design

We have a range of different courses to suit everyone from Level 2 up to Foundation level. Our Level 2 programme is equivalent to 4 GCSEs and takes one year to complete. Graphics, fashion, photography, concept design, apprenticeship in design and creative digital media will make up the course. This will give you the tools, experience and techniques needed to create your final major project.

Our Level 3 course is a two-year course and is the equivalent of 3 A Levels. Throughout this program, you will build on top of the techniques you learned at level 2 or school. This will include art and design, graphic design, fashion, photography, concept design for games, animation, apprenticeship in design, filmmaking, jewellery and marketing. The qualification allows you to explore creative ideas and put them into practice. This will be in both digital and physical approaches. They’ll be an end-of-year show where you’ll be able to exhibit and sell your work to friends, family and members of the public.

Our Foundation Program is a one-year course. The typical path is to study your foundation course before going on to university. We have had students from our course go to some of the best universities in the world. Techniques taught will include, drawing, creative design, applied arts, metalwork, ceramics, plaster, fine art, visual communications etc. Every week you will be trying different techniques with different teachers. You will then get to specialise in a particular area so that you can build a portfolio ready for university interviews and applications. This will then develop into you creating your final project over a period of 12 weeks. They’ll also be opportunities to network, work with industry, take part in competitions and get involved with the community.

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Art and Design



We are lucky at Chesterfield with our range of facilities. We have digital and traditional resources from Mac labs to Dark Rooms and photography studios. Our staff are industry experienced. You’ll have the opportunity to work with other departments around college, and industry, enter competitions, photograph events in the local community, and publish in magazines and newspapers. We want you to make a mark! Photography is there to inspire and sell. There are so many opportunities.

We have a great relationship with the Royal Photographic Society. In your second year you will become an affiliate member. This will allow you to access special resources and expand your knowledge further.

As well as diplomas, we offer an HNC in Photography, specialising in editorial and commercial practice. Allowing you to take your skills to a higher level and make you industry-ready.

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