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At Chesterfield College our business students have the chance to study a wide range of topics from sales and marketing to nance and enterprise, giving you a fundamental understanding of the world of business. There are both theoretical and practical elements to our courses which have all been designed to develop your employability skills.

We’ve also linked up with the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy to give you the opportunity to realise and achieve your business ideas. The programme has been designed to provide a range of crucial skills that will enhance your entrepreneurial air and ability to adapt to the world of business.

The range of courses we offer have been carefully chosen to ensure that when you leave us, you’re ready for work, an apprenticeship or further study at university level. We ask employers to tell us what they look for in new employees and then make sure that our students develop the key skills and knowledge that puts them ahead of the competition. We also ensure that you have the option to follow a career pathway specific to particular jobs. Where you start, which route you take and how far you go, will depend on you and what you want to be in the future.

  • Accountancy roles across East Derbyshire have grown by 17% over the last two years and are expected to grow a further 5% over the next four years.
  • Normal pay for sales accounts and business development managers in this area is £37,830 per year, or about £3,152 per month.
  • Experienced sales managers in this area can earn up to £70,000 a year in some industries.
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Peter Jones Enterprise Academy student Scott Levers
Scott's story

Scott's business studies took him all the way to Thailand