Making college ‘uncomplicated’ – travel, bursary and support

Leaving school and exploring your potential at college can provide you with limitless opportunities. You can reinvent yourself, meet new people, have experiences you will never forget and, most importantly, dedicate your time to learning skills and knowledge for your chosen career.

College is very different from school, we’re sure you’ll already know that. As a young adult, you will be given the freedom to take responsibility for your own learning. You will be supported by tutors who come from, and often still work in, the industry or sector you are preparing for.

What you might not know about, is all of the support and assistance available to you that makes getting to college easy and paying for materials and kit stress-free.

Financial Contributions to help you travel to college*

One of the first things you will want to consider is how you will get to college. If you live close to campus and you can walk in, that’s great (and healthy). Many of our students have to travel to Chesterfield by car, bus, train or taxi. For those of you who need to work out the best route to take, we’ve provided all the information you need below.

Many of our students qualify for free or subsidised travel to college. We can provide bus passes and travel cards for bus (for the most cost-effective travel route) if you qualify for the bursary (see details below). Students may also be able to receive contributions to train fair if no bus route is available.

*dependent on meeting eligibility criteria

Chesterfield College can easily be reached from Sheffield, Derby, Mansfield, Bolsover, Shirebrook, Matlock, Bakewell and Worksop:

Find your route

Find your route

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Find your route



You might be asking – ‘what on earth is a bursary?’ Let’s keep it simple. A bursary is a financial support provided to students to help them pay for travel, uniform, kit, materials, or anything else that is deemed essential as part of their studies. It is means-tested, which means that you will be eligible for financial support depending on your household income. The criteria for this changes each year – for September 2021, if your household income is below £24,000 you will be eligible for help with kit/equipment, uniform and travel. If your household income is below £35,000, you will be eligible for help with travel only.

There are 3 types of bursary awards that can help students with costs associated with their learning (bursaries are not available to waged apprentices):
• 16-19 Full-time bursary
• 19+ Bursary (including applications associated with Advanced Learner Loans funding)
• Vulnerable Young Person Bursary

A bursary can support the student with costs associated with:
– Travel to/ from college via public transport (if they live more than 2 miles away from their usual place of study)
– Kit/Materials for the course
– Free meals
– Extra financial support for those in care/leaving care

If you are awarded childcare as part of your bursary award, costs will be covered up to the value of £2,000 per child per year, and you must use an Ofsted registered provider in order to receive this part of the award. Payments will not be made in respect of informal arrangements with family or friends.

How do I know if I’m eligible to receive a bursary?

The bursary entitlement is means-tested based on household income and the award has
2 thresholds:

Household income of £24,000 and under may entitle the learner to:

  • Subsidised travel which may be in the form of a travel pass or a cash contribution (if they live more than 2 miles from college)
  • Free meals
  • The purchase of and required kit/materials (depending on the subject chosen)
  • Contribution towards childcare costs incurred for the care of a child whilst the student is in timetabled learning hours

Household income between £24,000 -£35,000 may entitle the learner to:

  • Subsidised travel which may be in the form of a travel pass or a cash contribution (if they live more than 2 miles from college)

(Proof of income (wages/benefits) will be required on the application for eligibility purposes)

How do I apply for a Bursary?

Bursary forms will be sent out with enrolment letters and can also be downloaded below, simply download, fill in and return them to us either at the main reception on Infirmary Road or via post. If you have any problems downloading and printing this form, please feel free to collect a paper copy from the main college reception on Infirmary Road. Alternatively, you can email requesting a paper form be posted out to you, please ensure you include your name, address and postcode in the email when you request this.

Bursary Form 2021-2022

Bursary Form 2021-22

Stagecoach Bus Pass

For those eligible for the travel element of the bursary, the bus pass will provide you with a means to get to college for your studies. These passes are valid on most Stagecoach routes across the Chesterfield and Derbyshire area. To qualify for the travel aspect, you must have a household income below £35,000 and live more than 2 miles away from college. Students may also be able to receive contributions towards travel costs where there is no Stagecoach route available.


Once you enrol on your course at college, you will have access to a wealth of support.

Your Personal Tutor will guide you through the course and make sure that you stay on track to succeed. If you ever need extra assistance, the LEAP Mentor for your subject area will provide additional guidance and support. They are there to help you develop resilience and strategies for completing your work, catching up and overcoming any worries or issues you may have.

As soon as you start your life at Chesterfield College, we will work with you to ensure that you are ready for your next steps. Whether this is a higher level course at college, an apprenticeship, university, or a job in the area you have trained for, the Careers Team based at college are available to provide impartial advice and guidance with every step of the way.

What else can we help you with?

You will no doubt have lots of questions about coming to college. We’ve put together some handy links covering the subjects and frequently asked questions that many of our new starters and parents/guardians often ask us. If there’s anything else you need to know, just call us on 01246 500500 or email

Applying to college

Advanced Learner Loans

Financial support and fees advice


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