Travelling to college from Bolsover

If you’re travelling to Chesterfield College from the Bolsover area there are a number of easy-to-access travel routes available to you.


From the centre of Bolsover to the centre of Chesterfield, it takes just 18 minutes by car.

There is a free student car park available at the Infirmary Road campus operated on a first come, first served basis.


The Stagecoach route 1 bus has regular buses into Chesterfield, starting from Langwith with stops at Bolsover, Carr Vale, Arkwright Town and Calow. It usually takes around 40 minutes from Bolsover on the bus.

Your bus travel could be free if you are eligible for the bursary.


There isn’t a train station in Bolsover, so train travel to Chesterfield is not currently an option.









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