Complaints and compliments policy

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The policy and procedures aim to ensure that:

1. A formal process exists whereby customers and stakeholders can provide feedback and compliments, which are used to shape and inform good practice and to inform continuous improvement.

2. Customers and stakeholders are aware of how to raise concerns and issues directly with the relevant department, and how to make a formal complaint if they are not satisfied with the response.

3. The organisation is accountable for responding to concerns and complaints in a consistently appropriate and timely manner, through an open and transparent process.

4. All staff take responsibility for resolving issues within their relevant area of delivery or management at Stage One, with Heads/Directors taking full responsibility for investigating and resolving formal complaints at Stage Two.

5. A formal process exists in order for staff to respond to complaints appropriately in a safe and supportive environment.

6. The organisation meets any external requirements as an education provider in terms of legislation and good practice guidance.

A new procedure for logging positive feedback and raising complaints with Chesterfield College is currently under development. We aim to publish a revised and updated policy and procedure by August 2022.

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