Holly moved from Malta to join the Vehicle System Maintenance course

Holly-Mae Buckland is a Vehicle System Maintenance Level 1 student here at college. She moved back from Malta for education here in the UK and set her sights on our Auto courses. Holly is loving the course and her extra studies in English and maths here in the UK. It was great to hear how she didn’t let gender stereotypes stunt her learning and how she’s even changed some of the student’s perceptions of women in the industry.

Olly mae Buckland - auto mechanics

I have worked with my Dad on cars and boats.

“I moved back from Malta last February and I was looking through the courses at college. My Dads and mechanic and so is my brother, I thought it would be pretty cool. I have worked with my Dad on cars and boats and loved so I thought I’d give this course a try.

I like learning new things and fixing things.

I like it here. I like Malta but we moved back for family medical treatment and my education as it’s so much better here. I started the course in September, and I enjoy it all. I like learning new things and fixing things. It’s really lovely and I can always ask for help, everyone on the course and the teachers are nice. We are like one big family.

I was worried about being a female coming onto the course.

There’s one other female in my class and I have the only female tutor in the department. I was worried about being a female coming onto the course and being made fun of for being girly or that they would view me differently. I’ve spoken to the boys on the course and they have admitted at first they wondered why there was a girl on the course. However, their opinion changed and their perception changed.

I have been working in a scrap yard at the weekends.

After I complete level 1, I hope to progress to level 2. I have been working in a scrap yard at the weekends with my Dad. Stripping cars, and tires and learning along the way. I teach him and he teaches me. I taught my Dad how to properly strip a tire the other day and refit it. I’m learning how to organise parts and list them online from my colleagues. It’s great to do my own independent work too. I learn something at college and then put it into practice at the scrap yard.

I’m not sure what I want to do after. I want to strip cars rather than repair them. I think work has taught me that.

I am doing my Math and English GCSEs.

Education is different here, it’s hard to get back into British culture again. It’s only a small place so everyone knew everyone. The education system is different there too so I am having to do my maths and English GCSEs as they are O-Levels there.

I want to travel and work.

I want to travel and pick up mechanic jobs around the world, that’s the end goal. I just want to see where my qualifications take me.”

Holly hopes to do her A-level English after she completes her GCSEs alongside her mechanics. We are excited to see how Holly progresses on her Level 2 and how she used the extra knowledge to progress on the careers ladder at work.

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