Chesterfield College is a highly successful and vibrant College based in North Derbyshire with excellent pass rates and high student success levels.

Our location is key to our success in attracting  students from north and south Derbyshire, Buxton, Derby, South Yorkshire and Sheffield. Our free College buses make Chesterfield College a highly accessible and affordable choice for over 8,000 full, part time or HE students every year.

We have over 700 courses to choose from catering for a wide range of learners including foundation courses, A Levels, Apprenticeships, vocational (work related) and professional qualifications, diplomas and degrees. Many of our students go on to University, further study or straight in to work

At the core of what we do is making our students as employable as possible, providing them with life and work skills to get into work and achieve life fulfilment hence our mission statement. Equipping you with the skills and knowledge for progression and employment.

Our Mission:
“Inspiring Futures, Changing Lives”

Our Vision:
“To be recognised locally and nationally as an outstanding college by the students, employers and communities we serve.”

Our Strategic Objectives:

1. Deliver excellence: Enhance opportunities for success and increase the life chances of our students.

2. Provide outstanding services: Promote effective and enjoyable learning through high quality teaching and support for students.

3. Future proof education, employment and skills: Provide a flexible curriculum offer which is responsive to the skills needs of our students and businesses.

4. Develop a highly skilled workforce: Recruit passionate and high quality staff and encourage and provide further continuing professional development.

5. Build effective partnerships: Build effective partnerships and strategic alliances which are based on mutual trust and shared ambition.

6. Maximise resources: Maintain our financial stability and deliver value for money through effective and efficient use of resources.

7. Provide a vibrant and safe learning environment: Continue to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment which is supported by the use of technology.

Below you can find some of our key policies and procedures:


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