Present Futures exhibition from former students 23 Feb - 20 Mar

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Six former Art students that have gone on to become established artists and makers are exhibiting their work in our Dome arts building from 23 Feb to the 20 Mar.

From Fashion Designers to Illustrators, Fine Artists to Photographers, the exhibition is open to the public so please do come along and view their work.

Bella Milroy

Bella Milroy is an artist interested in story and narrative. From the cosmic nature of the formation of rock and stone, to the functional design of ordinary objects. How we use, encounter and experience these artefacts tells a story in which we all take a role, like the set on a stage, or a line in a play. Activating these objects as living elements, Bella arranges them alongside gestures of sculptures and shapes, placed in a scene which acts as a platform on which new narratives are composed.

A preoccupation with physicality, Bella is concerned with what it means to engage with art in a tangible, material and spatial way. Often using photography as a starting point, occasionally using found or existing images, she allows the two-dimensional medium as a means to flatten physical forms, creating pictures that allow for sculptures and images to exist in a narrative beyond their own measure.

Emily Musgrove

"I am interested in researching methods of display and composition testing materials in order to explore their permanence, surface, value and substance. I usually make multiple compositions with shifting patterns of form by doing this each work seems to direct the next. My work is investigating the process of abstraction through a reduction of layers of materials, paints and printing, disposability and changeability of form and surface. I am interested in materials that obscure viewing, sometimes using imitation fabrics and artificial finishes to alter materials to create a sham interpretation of expense, weight or substance.

"Since leaving Chesterfield College, I completed a degree in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University. I then applied for the S1 Artspace Bursary scheme. The programme is specifically aimed at supporting Fine Art graduates from Sheffield Hallam by providing the opportunity for younger artists to experience and benefit from working in a professional artist studio complex in Sheffield during the later stages of their fine art degree and into the preliminary stages of professional practice. I continue to have a studio and make artwork at S1 Artspace."

Helen McArdle

Helen McArdle is an Award winning London based fashion and beauty photographer. Helen has been shooting for influential magazines and brands for over 10 years, her clients include Dior, Grazia, Tatler, Stylist Magazine, ES Magazine, Country and Town House Magazine, Pheonix Magazine, Conde Nast Group, The Independent Saturday Magazine, Cartier, De Beers, Bourgois, L'Oreal Paris, GHD, Rimmel, Kurt Geiger, Liberty of London. Helen studied at Chesterfield of College of Arts, getting a first in her foundation course and going on to complete a photography degree at Blackpool and Fylde College. In Helen’s first year after college she assisted a number of photographers in London and New York also winning the Association of Photographers Award.


Mike and Katie make up the design duo, better known to the world as TADO. Based in Sheffield, UK, this pint-sized creative powerhouse has produced an endless list of darkly adorable characters, artwork and projects that have terrorized and delighted individuals and clients world wide for over a decade. Started in 2001 when the pair began to work together at university, TADO quickly became an established name through their unique style, humour, illustrations, animations, and toy designs. Everything they do is produced in total collaboration – whether it be taking turns in drawing, painting, drilling, glueing, scribbling or clicking.

In 2005 they began their relationship with world-renowned agents Debut Art. Their portfolio includes a vast range of projects from fashion through to advertising to model-making, animation and product design. Their clients include the likes of MTV, Nike, Xbox-One, Nickelodeon, Canon, Lucas Arts, HSBC, Scholastic, Sanrio, Dorling Kindersley, Vodafone, Microsoft, Camelback, Kidrobot, Gola, Selfridges, and Virgin. In addition to their commercial work, Mike and Katie have exhibited their artwork internationally with several extremely successful solo shows and large scale sculpture installations.

Closer to home, TADO work extensively with the charity Artfelt for Sheffield Children’s Hospital – one of a handful of specialist children’s hospitals in the UK, to produce artwork and installations for wards and their ground-breaking care facilities.

When Mike and Katie aren’t creating artwork, the pair can usually be found out roaming the Peak District hills on their bikes, dangling from rocks on a climbing rope or carrying on their noble search for the best ice cream in the land.

Miriam Griffiths

Miriam Griffiths Knitwear is a small scale handmade knitwear label based in Sheffield. All the pieces are lovingly made from high quality locally sourced materials with a focus on using natural materials. Colour plays a huge part in the design as well as creating interesting yet wearable products that can be integrated into you day to day life.
Miriam Griffiths graduated from London College of Fashion in 2013 where she studied Surface Textiles and specialised in Knitwear. The brand spawned from her love of making and being a part of the whole design process from research to end product. Miriam takes a lot of her inspiration from traditional textiles and techniques and ways of using them in a modern way. Her collections use colour to make plain knitting interesting and innovative. The aim of Miriam Griffiths Knitwear is to create simple garments that stand out from the crowd.

Owen Waterhouse

Owen Waterhouse is a metalsmith and designer based at Persistence Works in Sheffield. After graduation from a BA in Metalwork & Jewellery at Sheffield Hallam University in 2004 he was awarded a two year placement on the Starter Studio for Silversmiths where he established his business and worked on commercial, civic, ceremonial, religious and domestic commissions. In 2010 he completed a MA in Design. His research explored the application and adaptation of new technologies in combination with traditional hand-skills in the manufacture of functional metalwork and design-led products.

Since 2011, Owen has diversified his creative business, tackling a wider range of design challenges in collaboration with artists, designers and specialist companies. Owen has found collaborative projects especially enjoyable and rewarding as the diversity of influences and perspectives encourage creative discussion and the sharing of specialist knowledge. Owen produces small scale work across a diverse range of materials including metal, wood and ceramic and is also engaged in large scale public art projects for clients across sectors such as education, community, local authorities and retail.