A change of career for Electrical Installation Tutor

In 2021, Jonathan Swaine, our now, Electrical Installation Tutor, fancied a change of career. Jonathan has always been practical, working as an Engineering Machinist for most of his adult career, but after over 10 years in the industry, he fancied a change and a new challenge. He found himself back in the classroom, unaware that he was here to stay.

Jonathan Swaine

I fancied a career change

“I came to college to study Level 2 Electrical Installation, and I then transitioned to Level 3. I came to college back in 2008 to study Auto-Cad, and ended up working in Mechanical Engineering for most of my adult career. I wanted a change and a new challenge so that’s why I came back to college in 2021. I was an Engineering Machinist but wanted something a bit more commercial. Plus, doing Electrical Installation has given me an Electrical Mechanical bias.

Finding teaching

It took two years to complete my Electrical Installation qualifications. In my final year, one of the lecturers suggested the teaching pathway. I did really well at Level 3 and my tutor thought I’d take to it well. It petrified me at first as it was a whole new concept. If someone had told me 3 years ago that I’d be teaching I would’ve laughed at them.

Being an adult learner

I was with school leavers on my courses. It didn’t feel strange on reflection as you still feel young in your mind, even if you don’t look it. So the age went over my head. The maturity was obvious and highlighted at times. I really enjoyed myself as a student though, it was great.

Studying alongside teaching

I am doing my teaching qualifications at the minute, a counselling course and my NVQ in Electrical Installation. I’m really enjoying it. It is positive that 88% of my students who sat their Science exam have passed, so I’m getting the results.

When you teach someone, it also helps you understand it more as you’ve got to explain each step logically. You come out with a more well rounded understanding. It’s helped with my learning too.”

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