Chesterfield College celebrates National Apprenticeship Week 2024

At Chesterfield College, we are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2024, taking place February 5th – 11th.   Apprenticeships are a great way for students to learn on the job, to attain a qualification all whilst getting paid at work.

We decided to interview some of our current and previous apprentices to gain an insight into what it is like to do an apprenticeship and the benefits of being an apprentice. These students range from various sectors, including Content Creators, Mechanics, Accountants and many more.

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Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship with Chesterfield College?

Lucy: I chose to do an apprenticeship with Chesterfield College as it offers a wide range of subjects and courses to choose from.

Craig: I wanted to complete this apprenticeship through Chesterfield College as it’s a local college to me and after leaving school I’d completed 3 NVQs there before and had already experienced the professionalism and helpfulness of the staff and other students. Even after 14/15 Years away it felt like coming home and was even nicer to see old staff who were still at Chesterfield College and catch up as we all remembered each other as well as meet new staff and gain new friends.

How did your class-based learning benefit you in your role at work?

Jessica: Through the learnings of my course, I am now able to be fully competent to independently perform all my daily tasks and continue to receive training on new tasks, despite only being a Royal Mail for a short time.

Cole: The knowledge I gained from working at Chesterfield College was directly transferrable to my position at work. The knowledge, skills and experience I attained were highly beneficial to my day-to-day tasks. My work-based tutor had industry experience which allowed him to provide me with in-depth knowledge.

Romario: Learning different skills and functions I can use as a Content Creator has benefited me as I can get up to speed quicker when I have tasks set by my employers.

Do/Did you enjoy your time as an apprentice?

Cole: I had a great time as an apprentice at Chesterfield College, I am currently up taking my HNC at Chesterfield College.

Charlotte: I am enjoying my time on my apprenticeship and it’s great to see the progress I have made at work, but also personally as I have become more confident.

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What is the most valuable thing you have learned so far as an apprentice?

Dion: I have learnt useful skills and techniques which in the long run are going to help me build my career in Marketing and Content Creation. I have also learnt a lot about myself.

Bradley: It set me up with valuable industry knowledge, which I have been able to utilise in my role, now I have completed my apprenticeship, it has allowed me to be taken on permanently in a better position.

Jessica: My apprenticeship allowed me to build confidence, as well as become more professional.

What was your experience like working with your tutor and how have they helped you?

Craig: They are keen to get the best out of you, they are there to help and guide and make learning fun and easy. I never enjoyed school and always found it difficult but the tutors at Chesterfield treat you with respect which instantly makes you want to make them and yourself proud. As my placement was through work, I had both 1-to-1 sessions and group sessions and both were informative and fun, and all tutors are very good at spotting if you’re not getting something and coming to you to go back over it. I would say the biggest and best thing all the tutors I have had is they give you the confidence to do what you’re doing, and they are your number 1 supporter throughout.

Dion: My tutors have been great. They have gone above and beyond to help me considering the situation I was in with my employer. I can’t thank them enough.

Lindsey: My tutor was very supportive and helpful in keeping me on track with my portfolio work.

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Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship at Chesterfield College to friends and family?

Bradley: Yes, I would recommend them to both friends, family, and employers.

Craig: Yes 110%, Chesterfield College really does care if you do well, and all the staff are there to support and guide you. I would recommend to anyone that if you’re not sure or have any doubts in yourself to give Chesterfield College a chance as I’m a different person from when I started thanks to Chesterfield College.

Lucy: Yes, I would. An apprenticeship is a great way to get into the working world.

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