Higher level apprenticeships are a springboard to engineering success

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An engineering course at college or an apprenticeship, where you can earn and learn, can open the door to careers in a wide range of industries, from aerospace and construction to robotics and manufacturing. 

We spoke to apprentice James Taylor, Quality & Inspection Engineer and higher level apprentice, who has used his apprenticeship to get the qualifications, skills and experience he needs to carve an exciting career in engineering.

“I am really pleased with how things have worked out with my apprenticeship. After my A levels I started working at Accrofab as a higher level apprentice, studying for my level 3 NVQ Fabrication and Welding at the same time as studying for my HNC. I am now doing an HND and I will be topping that up to a degree, starting later this year.

Choosing an apprenticeship has given me the experience and the qualifications I need. I have been able to improve my practical abilities as well as learn the theory behind it because of the things I am getting involved in on a day to day basis. I feel like I already have lots of responsibility in my role, which is great.

Management roles are definitely where I see myself at the end of my studies. I don’t think I would be able to get there as quickly without the work experience side of my apprenticeship. My confidence has grown massively since I started. There are hidden benefits to an apprenticeship; I have met all kinds of people and learnt from a variety of situations that I know will be really worthwhile as I develop my career. I feel like the company has really invested in me as well.

Higher level apprenticeships are such a good idea. You can get the same qualifications as studying full time at university with the added benefit of the hands on experience that employers need.”

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