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We take advice from the Office for Students (OfS) who work alongside the Department for Education, universities and colleges. The OfS are the regulator for Higher Education and guide providers on how to work within the best interests of the students’. The OfS have provided guidance on the current situation and we would like to reassure you that we are following this guidance to make sure that your studies are not disrupted and that you can secure achievement of your course.

We have provided you with the links to the full guidance which can be found here on the Office for Students website.

Since lockdown began, we have continued to deliver our Higher Education courses online, we have adjusted assessment methods where possible and ensured that the remainder of the 1920 academic year has been smooth. Where courses have required specialist equipment, more interaction and coordination has been required. Students’ and staff have undertaken onsite practical assessments whilst following the government guidance on safe working. Some courses require an industrial placement, e.g. health and social care. In this case we are working closely with the universities to overcome barriers and consider alternative modules.

So what does September 2020 look like? Your college environment will be safe and secure and will follow the government guidelines. Your teaching and learning will be of high quality and is likely to take a blended approach of both online and face to face sessions. You will receive regular communication from your course tutors to help navigate you through your lectures and assessments. Your tutors will introduce you to different online tools that will enable your continuation of study. If there are any changes made to the ways in which your studies as assessed, then this will be discussed with you by your course tutors’.

Chesterfield College understands its responsibility to safeguard and protect provision for students, minimising or removing risks to the continued successful delivery of the Higher Education courses we offer.  Further information can be found in our Higher Education Student Protection Plan (below) and Fee Policies.

Overall, our aim is to maintain the quality of your education and secure standards that will enable you to achieve and progress onto your next step.

View the full policy: CSE03 HE Student Protection Plan.

Download a copy of the statement: CSE03S HE Student Protection Plan Statement


Students who are undertaking a programme validated by the University of Derby should familiarise themselves with the document below which details the staged return to learning planned by the university from September 2021.

Read the plan: UOD BALM Covid Update PDF

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