Fitness to Study Guidance

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Chesterfield College Group is committed to supporting student/apprentice wellbeing and recognises that a positive approach to the handling of both physical and mental health disclosures is crucial to student/apprentice learning and success. This includes having high expectations for all students/ apprentices and encouraging them to embrace their own high standards regarding punctuality, meeting deadlines, behaviours, attendance, and longer-term achievements. This in turn has a positive impact on a student/apprentice’s self-worth and self-esteem and can in some cases enable them to overcome perceived barriers to learning which may stem from mental ill-health, physical illness or disability.

This guidance aims to ensure a safe learning environment for all members of the College community, enabling the organisation to produce resilient and work-ready individuals who are able to recognise and achieve their full potential. It also ensures that a consistent approach can be adopted to enable the best outcomes, which includes the support and guidance of the Wellbeing Team in establishing the most effective plans to reduce the risk of any supportive actions inadvertently compounding an issue, or having a detrimental effect upon other established supports either outside of or within the wider organisation, i.e. additional learning support, counselling, or safeguarding interventions.

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