Hospitality and Catering Student is already progressing in the industry

Oliver Burr is already progressing in the Hospitality Industry. Oliver has been working at a local hotel, Van Dykes since school and now he’s studying further he’s able to be promoted to more managerial roles within the business.

Oliver Burr

“I first chose hospitality and catering because when I was in year 10 I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I got my work experience at Van Dykes (hotel in chesterfield)  thin a front-of-house role and I quite enjoyed it. I kept working there and still work there now 3 years later.”

We asked Oliver about his progression plan, he said: “It’s my second year of Level 2 but I’m doing Level 3 next year. In Level 3 you learn more about the supervision side. We organise themed nights and run them with Calebs (Hospitality tutor) supervision. Next year we will be managing and supervising whilst the Level 2’s are planning the events.”

I was thinking of going onto university to do a level 4 but I’m going to stay working in the industry because I can study alongside work and get the degree. Van Dykes is part of an education group called Wild Education, so I can do an apprenticeship whilst working in food and beverage supervisor level 4 management. I can do levels 5 and 6 there too.”

As Oliver has been working in the industry for 3 years he’s obviously picked up additional skills.

“My job and course help each other out. For example, I’m doing my Level 3 next year so at work, they are already talking about promoting me to supervisor. The course will help me push into that job role. Van Dykes is somewhere I want to stay. It’s part of a chain hub, The Wilds Group, they have multiple chains of hotels and businesses across the country. I could get moved around the hotels and work in different areas.”

The course is so varied and there are lots of opportunities to gain work experience and work with the community throughout the year, we asked Oliver what he’s enjoyed the most.

“I’ve enjoyed the themed nights the most and the organisation of it and the running of it. I’ve quite enjoyed being behind the bar, making all the drinks, like the cocktails. Next week is our last theme night of the year, a charity black-tie gala. We get all the decorations, choose the cocktails and work with the chefs – level 3 professional cookery.”

“What stood out the most on the course is my tutor Caleb, he’s very good at teaching what he does and supporting us and helping us with our jobs and the course.”

Not only is Oliver progressing his studies further, but he is also progressing his personable skills too.

“My confidence has improved. When I first started last year I was very shy, I wouldn’t talk to anyone but I’m more out of my shell now”

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