Dion Darwin’s apprenticeship is giving him a wealth of experience

Dion Darwin, one of our Level 3 Content Creation Apprentices spoke to us about his experience over the last  5 months working at CBE Plus Limited in Chesterfield. It was interesting to hear how the Engineering firm has been creating content and opportunities for Dion both inside the firm and in the community.

“I tried applying for a job before I decided to start applying for apprenticeships. I needed some kind of experience and qualifications, so an apprenticeship was the easiest way to do this. I can get a qualification and earn money at the same time.

Family and Friends inspire careers.

I was inspired to get into marketing by a family member. They have their own marketing agency in London. The way she can work and the life it has given her is what I want in the long run too.

I am mainly working on social media, analytics, blogs, and lots of copywriting and advertising.”

Taking on responsibility and workload.

“The apprenticeship has been challenging at times, learning comes with a lot of trial and error.

I come to college for sessions with my tutor. I like learning what I want to learn. I quite like that side of the apprenticeship.”

“The best thing about an apprenticeship is the experience. You meet all kinds of people with different job titles and learn a lot from those experiences. It’s great learning hands-on and making progress as well as learning from mistakes.”

Getting out into the community and inspiring the next Generation.

“I love planning events and going to events. We do quite a lot of work with schools and I enjoy going to schools and helping the children learn about engineering and science.

After the apprenticeship, I would like to build on my skills and go into something a bit more commercial.”

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