A Glimpse into the World of Game Development

In a recent interview, we had the pleasure of sitting with three students from our Games Design course, Ethan Melo Brown, Nathan Pidd, and Joe Voy. They shared their insights into their journey through the program, their inspirations, and their plans for the future. 

From Animation to Games 

Nathan Pidd, a dedicated student in the Games Design Course, highlighted the transition he made from his original pathway of digital animation. Having completed his Level 2 Media Studies, Nathan ventured into the world of game development, seeing it as a fresh and exciting avenue. “I wanted something new and different,” he emphasised. Ethan Melo Brown, in his first year of Level 3, Year 1 Games, revealed his initial plan to pursue biology, which took an unexpected turn towards Game Design due to a twist in his academic journey.  

Passion Turned Career: A Love for Gaming 

For all three students, their gaming and game development passion has been a long-standing affair. “I’ve always liked playing games and been interested in making them,” Nathan explained, reflecting a sentiment echoed by his peers. Ethan’s drive to delve into the gaming world stemmed from an early appreciation for the intricacies of game development and the desire to contribute to this industry. 

Discovering the Course 

Finding their way onto the Games Design Course was a journey influenced by personal exploration and online discovery. Nathan recalled stumbling upon the course while browsing Chesterfield College’s website. Ethan’s entry into Game Design was sparked by a work experience project, where he and his peers crafted an app for educational purposes, igniting his passion for game development. 

Year One Reflections 

Reflecting on their first year on the program, the students discussed their favourite aspects. Ethan expressed a newfound fascination with the programming side of game development, an avenue that was initially challenging but has since become a rewarding endeavour. Nathan found himself unexpectedly drawn to the business and industry side of gaming. Joe mentioned relishing the journey of understanding game development’s behind-the-scenes intricacies. 

Future Ambitions 

As they near the end of their first year, the students consider their next steps. Ethan plans to continue into Level 3, Year 2, with a focus on further honing his programming skills. Nathan, on the other hand, remains open-ended, acknowledging his passion for biology but also leaving room for potential shifts in his career trajectory. Joe aspires to embark on Level 3, Year 2, and thereafter, the road ahead remains wide open. 

A Supportive Learning Environment 

All three students spoke highly of the supportive atmosphere within Chesterfield College. Describing it as a close-knit community, they emphasised how this environment facilitated their growth and learning within the course. When asked about their expectations for the upcoming year, the students are enthusiastic about the prospect of delving deeper into the software and techniques that underpin game development. 

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