Vehicle Accident Repair Case Study

Mike Massey

Level 3 Vehicle Accident Repair and Refinishing

Since completing his apprenticeship and winning a gold medal in the Worldskills UK competition Michael Massey’s career in the auto body and paint industry has gone from strength to strength.

Mike is working as an Application Engineer with industry giant 3M, where he is able to combine his passion of cars and helping others to achieve a quality finish.

“I never imagined my apprenticeship would have taken me this far so quickly. The opportunities that I have been given have definitely helped me to fast track my career.

The tutors at college couldn’t do enough to help me excel. They’ve provided hands on help and even supported me in the evenings outside of college hours. It’s this support from my tutors that makes me passionate about training others.

Learning on the job was the best way for me to develop the skills I needed. I am still only young but I think I get respect from others because they can see I have experience working on the shop floor.

I also had the opportunity to compete in the WorldSkills UK competition and actually ended up winning gold at the national final, an achievement that I’m very proud of. The auto industry watches the Worldskills UK competition with interest to spot new talent and I have met many interesting people through being part of this as a competitor, a mentor to other competitors and as a judge. It is a fantastic initiative and I am grateful I have had the chance to be part of it.

I am positive about the future and I know the experiences I have had so far will help me to develop an exciting career in the auto industry.”

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