The Influencer Project – Acts of Kindness

You don’t have to be famous to be an influencer or make a difference.

This month at college we will be sharing stories around the theme ‘acts of kindness’ to shout about our students who are going out of their way to make positive changes within the college and community.

We believe the word ‘Influencer’ doesn’t have to be a buzzword and can be used positively to recognise those who are influencing by inspiring, helping, caring and giving others confidence and ultimately, happiness.

Our students and former students do incredible things every day that influences other students to follow their dream career paths or do something that has a positive effect on their own or others’ lives.

We will be encouraging our students to think deeper about their actions and what influencing means. It doesn’t have to be someone on Instagram they want to look like or be like, it can be a peer who has inspired them to do something incredible.

‘Acts of kindess’ could be volunteering in the community, fundraising for a charity close to your heart, caring for someone who needs help, being there for a friend, being the person who listens, combatting loneliness or simply helping someone carry their pram down the steps or opening a door for a stranger.

What will your act of kindness be this month?

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