Sports students hone their skills at South Chesterfield Golf Club

As part of #loveourcolleges week 2022 we visited our sports coaching students out in the local community at South Chesterfield Golf Club.

The students are at the club every week, learning both practical golf skills and the skills needed to run a club and keep it looking pristine. It is key that the students learn about all the employment opportunities within the industry and not just the obvious routes.

Some of the students have loved the experience and plan to carry on improving their golf skills after the programme.

Edward Roberts and Mitchell Priestley said:

“I did football coaching before and I really enjoyed it! That’s why I joined this course. I’ve never done golf before, but I’m enjoying it and I’m going to carry on with it. We’re all just improving our technique as we go along.”

“The practical work, actually coaching other people, is definitely the best bit for me. We’ve been going through the theory of different stretches and how each one prepares you for the golf game. We’ve also been up on the driving range learning how to hit the ball properly with lots of different techniques, that’s been good fun.”

Aiden Hepple, Shamar Weir and Declan Francy told us:

“We’re not just learning techniques to teach other people, we’re also practicing to get better at golf ourselves and we’re gaining more confidence in how to do the right thing. Speaking to people and having to project your voice properly is improving confidence and those soft skills.”

“It’s fun planning out the stretches and games for a warm up and trying to get the timing down to 10 minutes. We’re also enjoying the volunteering element, getting to see what happens behind the scenes.”

We also spoke to Adam Bedford, PGA Professional, who has been working with our students. Hear from him below:


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