Scott Wheatcroft aspires to be a mental health nurse

Scott Wheatcroft is currently studying his Level 2 Health and Social care qualification at Chesterfield College.

Scott tells us why his mum inspired him to get into the industry and how he aspires to be a mental health nurse after working with patients with mental health illnesses on his placement.

Why did you choose health and social care?

“My mum is a nurse herself so that convinced me to Health and social care. I also chose it as there has always been a cry out for help for carers and it is a job that is very much needed.”

How did you find your placement?

“I have been working in the care home for about 2 years now. I then went on to housekeeping and now for the past 3 months, I’ve been working on care. It’s been interesting to experience all sides of the care home.”

Does your placement help you to relate experiences to your coursework in class?

“Yeah, a lot. I am physically learning, I learn a lot better that way and it helps me with information for assignments and exams.”

Did you know you wanted to work in a care home?

“I was working in the kitchens but after the first month I realised how much I enjoyed it and I still enjoy it now. I’m getting a lot more confident looking after patients now too.”

Would you say health and social care is mainly dominated by females?

“There’s quite a good mix, better than I thought it would be but yeah it’s mainly girls. This didn’t bother me, it’s just one of those subjects. At the end of the day, if you get your qualifications you are doing something that is going to help the vulnerable and the elderly. It’s a really rewarding job, it’s quite rewarding learning it as well. It’s a really good thing to do.”

Do you feel like you understand what the working world might be like after working in the industry?

“Yeah, I do. I can be doing 14-hour shifts both Saturdays and Sundays sometimes but it is really rewarding. You think, wow I just looked after someone who can’t do it themselves. You get to know them and get some really interesting stories. I am getting more responsibilities now too.”

What are your plans after you finish the course?

“I am hoping to go to university to study nursing as I want to become a mental health nurse. It’s a long way away but that’s my goal. I’ve known I wanted to be a mental health nurse ever since I started the course and worked in the care home. I have cared for people with dementia, it’s a horrible disease but it’s very interesting to learn about and what the patients might be feeling. I’d also like to work in different environments to see how different people work and get to know more people.

My mum inspired me. I always thought she had a good job but when I started to work for the care home and I could see what she had been doing I saw how many responsibilities she had and saw how much she does for the residents.”

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