Principal’s Charity 2022/23

It was our intention that the Principal’s Charity for 2022/23 would be nominated and chosen by staff.

However, with the ever-increasing cost of living impacting on staff and students alike, we have taken the decision for the Principal’s Charity to support the college’s Food Pantry project and Clothes Swap in 2022/23.

Further details regarding events to support the Principal’s Charity in 2022/23 will be shared over the coming months. However, in the meantime, if you would like to donate to the Food Pantry, the following items would be gratefully received.

Hygiene Products

Deodorants, Soaps, Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Brushes and Combs, Flannels and Towels, Toothbrushes and Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Antibacterial Surface Wipes, Wet Wipes, Toilet Roll


Cans and jars of: Beans, Vegetables, Potatoes, Meals, Fruit and Fruit Salads, Tuna, Soups, Pasta in Sauce, Hotdogs, Sauces, Spaghetti, Canned Potatoes

Rice, Pasta and Noodles including: Bags of Rice & Pasta, Packet Rice & Pasta, Microwavable Rice, Couscous, Dried Noodles and lunch time snacks such as Pot Noodles

Meal staples including: Ready Mash, Gravy, Packets of Sauces, Stuffing, Cooking Kits (tortillas/enchiladas etc), Seasoning Sachets

Snacks and Breakfast including: Breakfast/Cereal Bars, Oats, Cereals, Crisps, Crackers, Breadsticks, Bags of Nuts, Dried Fruit, Chocolate Spread, Marmalade, Jams, Peanut Butter

Hot and cold drinks including: UHT milk, Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Cartons of Juice, Squash, Sugar, Sweetener

Where to go?

Please take any donations to the Library or drop-off collection points in staff rooms around college.

The Food Pantry is located in the Library and is available for both staff and students to use.  It is a strictly confidential service and is provided without judgement.

Clothes Swap

The next Clothes Swap will take place on 14 November for staff and students in the Heart Space.

The Clothes Swap is part of our sustainability agenda where both students and staff are invited to donate and/or bring clothes, shoes, and accessories promoting upcycling and a sense of community.

If you have any clothes/shoes/accessories which you would like to donate to the Clothes Swap, please take these to the Library or contact your area’s LEAP.

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