Our new HNC is opening the door to the world of business

A new Higher Education provision has been launched here at Chesterfield College to support adults who are wishing to develop their business skills.

The Level 4 Business HNC opens the door to a range of progression routes, including moving into employment, progressing to a higher role, starting your own business, progressing to a higher study level, or completing a University degree.


What does the HNC Level 4 include?

The world of business is constantly shifting and the wide variety of taught information on this course ensures students are future-proofed against these trends.

The module provides a broad knowledge base of the business world and consists of:

  • Business and the Business Environment
  • Marketing processes and planning
  • HRM (Human Resource Management)
  • Leadership and Management
  • Managing a successful business project
  • Operations management
  • Accounting principles
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures

Importantly, the course is not simply focused on building core knowledge, but also transferable analytical, research and problem-solving skills. This means students leave with an ability to approach any task they face in the future in a more methodical manner.


We spoke to the current cohort of HNC Business students, to see why they chose the course and to hear their plans for the future.

Andrew Eyre

“Career-wise, my goal is to go into financial consultancy and I decided to do the HNC because I thought it would be a good platform to get me to university.

I’m really looking forward to the finance module we have coming up, but the course touches on all areas of business. You’re also taught those key academic skills that prepare you for university, like how to reference to a professional standard.

I came from the Level 3 course and the transition from Level 3 to 4 has been pretty smooth. You already have a good foundation of knowledge, it’s just about going into more detail and really applying that knowledge.

It’s also great because there’s a real variety of assignments, you’re not just doing essays, you’re also doing presentations, audits and webinars. The tasks are a taster of what you’ll be doing in your future career.”

Logan Holmwood

“I started the course because I wanted to try and get some credentials behind me. My aim is to become an Area Manager in retail and the course is preparing me for that step up.

I think it’s about the key skills that you get from doing a course like this. They don’t just teach you the core knowledge. They also teach you all the personal and practical skills, like presenting in front of groups and communicating with different people effectively, which are directly applicable in a business environment.”

Sem Tshitenge

“I studied the Level 3 in Personal Training at Chesterfield College and I decided to do this HNC because I really wanted a broader understanding of business to prepare me for the future.

My plan is to set up a Personal Training business and I’m also thinking of going into physiotherapy as another revenue stream.

I’m enjoying the HR module we’re studying at the minute. Today we’re doing a presentation around recruitment and employee relations but we have to make sure it’s interactive.”

Abby Ferrie

“My plan for the future is to go onto a higher level apprenticeship or move onto the Level 5 HND qualification. I’m not sure what area of business I want to go into yet but that’s what is so good about the HNC – you don’t have to specialise yet. You get to look at the broader picture of business which I think more specialised courses can miss. Business has so many elements to it and we get to explore such a wide range of possible job roles. It also gives you a broader idea of what happens within a whole company.”


What entry requirements are there?

  • Level 3 in Business
  • Level 3 not in Business considered
  • GCSE English and Maths / Functional skills
  • GCSE Business recommended

We appreciate adult learners have vast life experiences and we will consider all applications.

A short interview will be undertaken with potential applicants.


Benefits of the HNC:

  • Supports University study – A Level 4 qualification in Business can lead you to entering second year of university studies with all of the knowledge and skills required to thrive.
  • This course is Pearson accredited and completing the Level 4 provides you with a diploma – something you don’t get at University Year 1 study, allowing you to complete each element of the HNC pipeline individually and providing you with the confidence that your efforts have results which can be shown on your CV.
  • Basis at College provides familiarity and continuation from your Level 3 studies at Chesterfield College.
  • Wide range of practical, as well as academic skills are taught, which are directly applicable in the business environment.
  • A broad approach to business covering all key functional areas.
  • Expert teaching staff with experience in FE and HE.
  • Lower cost than studying at University.
  • Small groups mean more guaranteed contact time with lecturers.



Assessment throughout the HNC is always practical, providing students with scenarios which could be encountered in the world of work, such as consultancy reports and industry analysis.

For more information please click here or email pattersona1@chesterfield.ac.uk.

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