June 2023 Influencer Project – Alumni

June 2023 Influencer Project

Over the past few months we have focussed on some really interesting and exciting projects. From our neurodiverse students to gender dominated subjects and mental health. This month we are focussing on our former students and alumni. Students who have left college and have gone into interesting, successful and impactful jobs in the industries they studied at college.

These influencers are inspiring students to do what makes them happy, do what they are passionate about and work hard to get there.

Influencers don’t have to be famous, the only rule is that they are a positive influence to their peers and community.

Our students and former students do incredible things every day that influences other students to follow their dream career paths or do something that has a positive effect on their own or others’ lives.

We will be encouraging our students to think deeper about their actions and what influencing means. It doesn’t have to be someone on Instagram they want to look like or be like, it can be a peer who has inspired them to do something incredible.

Wondering what to progress onto after college? Our Influencers might help!

jessica Peprah - hair and beauty former student

Jessica Peprah

Jess, owner of Jpepssbeauty, kindly let us visit her hair salon so we could see her premises and talk to her about her progression from college to now owning her own business. She speaks to us about her future plans to open an academy and teach new and experienced hairdressers on how to work with different hair types.

“I went to do hairdressing so that I could add to the skills I already had. I didn’t know how to do haircutting and colouring. Going back allowed me to polish my skillset and become a professional hairdresser.”

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performing arts student

Liam Jackson

Liam Jackson completed the level 3 Extended Diploma in Performing arts with us at Chesterfield College. During his studies, Liam excelled in all disciplines of the course, particularly dance and choreography.

“Alongside his studies, Liam has filmed advertisements for Bloch Dance Wear and he has been involved in the delivery of the touring dance convention ‘Can You Dance?’. What an amazing opportunity!

He is also making his own music which you can find on any streaming platform, under Liam Jacko! He released his first song a couple of weeks ago and he is receiving a lot of support and exposure.”

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Anastasiia Kaniuk - ESOL

Anastasiia Kaniuk

Anastasiia came across to the UK to improve her English and help build her career. She was a qualified English teacher before she relocated but wanted to improve her speaking skills. This allowed her to apply for a job to help Ukrainian students learn English during their time here in the UK. She is loving living here but is also ready to go back home and start teaching again in the Ukraine where she can be with her family.

“I love working in the school. My sponsor who I live with, helped me find a job. We found a company that supports Ukrainian translators. I didn’t think I would be able to work in a secondary school but I did it. My colleagues are kind and I feel safe. It’s very important to me to be a translator and also a support system. I want to help them progress and get good results. They get better every day and are able to conversate with the other students and teachers. English is a second language for them so they worry about people not understanding them. We have learnt the Derbyshire dialect too (laughs).”

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Matthew Hale

When Matthew Hale started his Level 3 Games Design course at Chesterfield College, he never expected to be working on projects for Netflix and Amazon just a matter of years later. With hard work, a passion for his field and the support of great staff at Chesterfield College, Matthew soon secured his dream job.

“As we’re a start-up, we thought it might take a little bit of time to become established, but we’re already working with Amazon, Netflix and more on some amazing projects. The first project we started working on was ‘Shrouded Destiny’ which is a Star Wars fan film and that’s on my IMDB page. At the moment, I’ve just got that one on there, but I’ve got about six just waiting to go up.”

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Level 3 Businesses Apprentices

Our latest cohort of apprentices have just completed their Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship at Derbyshire Constabulary. We caught up with them to find out how their apprenticeship has prepared them for exciting futures in a broad range of roles within the police force.

Rhiannon Fowkes said: “I’ve now got a permanent role as a Business Support Assistant within the department where I first started my apprenticeship with. As it was such an amazing team, I knew that was the team that I wanted to be in. I did have a few other interviews but, for me, I’m happy where I am for a few years. I might follow in the same footsteps as Luke and become an officer.”

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Ionica Adriana

Ionica explained the exciting twists and turns her Performing Arts career has taken over the past year and told our students that they can never truly predict where a career in the industry might take them:

“I was nominated for an acting award and I wrote to lots of different radio stations near where I live. A few of them invited me onto the show to talk about the award. The evening after I was on BBC York I got an email from the producers. They said they liked my energy on the show and asked if I’d consider presenting. I’d never done it before but I thought, why not?”

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James greatorex

James Greatorex, an ex-student who is now a head chef at a Michelin listed restaurant (L’Ortolan) in Reading, came in to give a demo to our students. The students got to try the dish and take part in a Q&A at the end of the session. What a fantastic way to preview the industry in a college setting.

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