Influencer Campaign November – Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental health and well-being are important all year round. Not just November. In fact, your mental health is just as important as your physical health and often they come as a pair and coordinate alongside one another.

It’s important you check in with your mental well-being every day, just to make sure you are looking after yourself, nothing is becoming a heavy weight on your shoulders and issues are addressed. What does this mean? Well a self-check-in might be a little 5 minute think with yourself asking questions such as:

  1. How have I felt today?
  2. What 3 things have I enjoyed today?
  3. What 3 things could have been better?
  4. Is there anything I’m worried about?
  5. What am I excited about?
  6. What am I going to do to ease any worries or nerves?

It can be that simple. You could do this in your head or some people like to write this down in a little journal so they can see their progress or reflect on their week.

It’s also important we check in with friends, family and peers. Are they ok? When was the last time you checked in with them? Not casually, but with genuine care and interest? We challenge you this week to check in with your loved ones or people in the community and just see if they are ok. Someone might really need a friendly familiar face to talk to.

This month we will be sharing our tips around mental health and general advice that we find useful and use in our self-care practices. We will also be sharing our student’s stories and advice to raise awareness, show that speaking out is a great thing and show how our students are fighting back and getting stronger every day.

Influence yourself and others to check in with yourself and others this month.

Looking for immediate or more in-depth advice? Talk to our wellbeing team!

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