Infirmary Records Artist Spotlight: March

A few weeks ago singer-songwriter and Chesterfield College Music alumni George Linford, also known as March., released ‘Rhizomes Of The Winter Heliotropes’, with much of the material recorded at our very own Infirmary Records. George mentioned that “The studios, equipment and facilities at Infirmary Records are amazing and were vital to me being able to record the album” 

The album features 15 original songs, with a mix of styles and inspirations notable throughout, and really highlights what can be achieved with some dedication and a strong vision. ‘Rhizomes’ feels like a personal journey, and one that George has invited us to share with him.

“I am so thankful this opportunity came for free as I was under 19, arts education funding is absolutely crucial to students everywhere accomplishing their dreams, and the music course at Infirmary Records allowed me to do just that”

George studied L3 Music Performance & Production here at Chesterfield College, and his new album is now available via Spotify and the usual selection of streaming platforms. He continues to study at Manchester University and is busy playing open mic nights and events in the city.

album artwork

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