December Influencer Project – Give the gift of time this Christmas

We are switching things up a little bit this month. We are influencing you to give the gift of time in December. What do we mean? December is hard for a lot of people, especially this year. We want, wherever they can, staff and students to be charitable and volunteer to help people this Christmas.

A few ideas…

  • Give to local food banks – food, non-perishables, Christmas gifts and clothes.
  • Help young people living in supported housing – Find out more.
  • Provide gifts for charity. Hospitals are always looking for gifts for children spending Christmas in hospitals or adults in care homes.
  • Help feed children during the Christmas Break – Find out more.
  • Being a friend for the elderly at Christmas – Find out more.

Anything whether it’s a little act of kindness, or a big one, someone will be grateful for your time and thought.

We also wanted to make these charities visible for our students/staff/community who might need someone to lean on or go to for an extra helping hand this Christmas. We know it has been a tough year for everyone and that the December spending might be taking its toll. Everyone deserves to feel loved and cared for, not just at Christmas but all year round.

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