DANCOP fund students to go look at university option in Wales

Public Services Level 3 students, Essie Hanson and Phoebe Ibbertson spoke to us about their visit to Wales University to look at their course offerings. Both Essie and Phoebe wanted a course that lead on from their time at Chesterfield which would allow them to explore various services within the Public Services sector. Thanks to DANCOP they were able to catch the train to go and visit the university and look around at all its facilities.

Why did you choose to study Public Services?

Essie explained, “I wanted to go into the Army but got declined as I’ve got to be off ADHD medication for 2 years. That’s why I looked at college to see if there was any other service I wanted to go into.”

Pheobe did Army and Fire cadets so knew this was something she wanted to progress. The next step will allow her to decide which service she wants to progress into.

“We have loved how it’s not just coursework, there are lots of practical work, field trips and visits from industry.”

We asked them how they found out about the support from DANCOP.

“We found out about the support through Kerrie Robertson. We messaged her to see about going to Wales and she told us that the funding was available through DANCOP. Without that, we wouldn’t be able to go.  This was the first time using DANCOP and it’s been an easy process to access their support.”

Why Wales?

Essie told us, “My Family is from South Wales and it is one of the only universities that just does Public Services without having to specialise in Policing or Criminology for example.”

This course allows them to explore their options more and figure out where they would like to be in 3 years’ time.

What happened on the day?

“When we got there we had a lecture about the university and then got to meet the current students and they spoke to us about what they were doing on the course. It was nice to gain a student’s perspective and figure out what it was like to be a student there.

We had a little tour and had a look at the accommodation. It’s a lot bigger than we thought it was going to be. Everything is on campus, so it’s easy to get to lectures. The sports facilities on campus are right next to the accommodation too, we are looking forward to that the most.

They gave us the plan and all the modules for the three years so we know exactly what to expect. We also have work experience as part of the course so we get to go into industry. We both are still trying to figure out what we want to do within the Public Services Sector so that’s why we wanted a more generalised course.”

Both Essie and Phoebe are now set on Wales. They are currently working on their personal statements and then will both be ready to apply.

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