Connor Clark, future professional in the music industry spoke to us about his decision to come to college

Connor Clark, Level 2 Music student, spoke to us about his progression from school and his ambition to become a professional in the industry. Connor grew up around music, this definitely had a positive influence on him, both mentally and when it comes to him planning his future in the industry.

Connor Clark - music student, stood in front of infirmary records sign

We asked Connor where his passion for music came from.

“Mainly because of my Mum doing Karaoke and being a DJ. I have always grown up around music. I did music all the way through secondary school. At first, I wasn’t going to come here but I came on a school trip, spoke to one of the tutors about the music course. I went home and said to my Mum, that’s it I’m going to college.”

Music is a form of therapy for Connor.

“I have loved and used music all my life. It helped me through depression. Music has helped me a lot. I use it to comfort me and as a form of therapy.”

Infirmary Records really secured his decision to come here.

“The studio and control room were a big selling point for me coming here. I couldn’t wait to have a go.”

“I’ve enjoyed the course. At first, I thought it was going to be a big struggle as I struggle with social anxiety and talking to people I don’t know, but I’ve made friends and I’m doing well.”

recording studio

Connor hopes to have his own recording studio one day. Local work experience will hopefully help with his career decisions.

“I will probably continue playing the bass as well as producing music. On my first week, I was in the studio doing recording. Our tutor showed the class some different techniques with mics and condensed mics and left us to have a play so we could get used to it. I played around with the mics and recording, I want to carry on with that too.

“I’m also hoping to do some work experience with a local studio in Chesterfield, to practice recording too. College is going to help with a CV.”

The wellbeing team have been a massive help for Connor too.

“The tutors have been really helpful. They have directed me to the wellbeing centre to talk to someone about my mental health which has helped. My tutors have helped me with my work when I’ve needed it so I am able to keep on progressing. They’ve been really supportive. I definitely recommend to people who like music to come and study here.

After I’ve finished Level 3, I want more practice with recording and recording my own instruments. Basically, keep progressing. Eventually I want to become a recorder and own my own recording studio or become a singer songwriter.”

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