Childhood studies student secures paid placement in Canada

Level 3 Childhood Studies student, Tilly Clarke, will be packing her bags for her incredible placement in Canada come August. Tilly is in her second year of the Level 3 course and has loved every second of it, especially the placements. She is now getting excited to spend 7 months in Canada as an Au Pair for a 2-year-old girl. We can’t wait to hear how she gets on and about her time there.

Tilly clarke - childhood studies

Childcare wasn’t always Tilly’s first choice.

“I wasn’t going to be doing this at all, I applied for a fashion and textiles course, but I had a gut feeling before I even started it that it wasn’t right. I’ve done babysitting in my free time and looked after my friend’s younger siblings that I’ve always enjoyed. I thought Childcare was the right course for me. I’m glad I did, I really like this course.”

Tilly loves her work placements. She still goes to her first-year placement on her days off.

“Work placements are the thing that I’ve really enjoyed this year and last year. My favourite placement was working in a nursery. I did the nursery placement last year, so much so that on my day off,  I go back and help out. I just love it so much, over summer, between finishing my course and going to Canada, I’m hoping to get a job there.”

“You have to get work experience with ages 0-5 at some point across the two years. This year, I’m working in a reception class at a primary school.”

Tilly plans to go to university to become a fully qualified teacher.

“After I finish this course, I want to go to university and get my full teaching qualification. From September until March, I’ll be in Canada and then I’m thinking next September I will go to university to do my teaching training.”

From Chesterfield College to being an Au Pair in Canada.

“I’d never thought about nannying before as I’m quite a home person. A few people in my class are going to Camp America, so I thought I’d take a look. There’s a website about working abroad opportunities from summer camps, volunteering and Au Pairs. I’d never thought about being an Au Pair but I love it when I go babysitting and I had considered, going into nannying if I didn’t go into teaching. I signed up for the Au Pair website, made a profile and started matching with families. I wasn’t looking as far as Canada but this family is perfect. We’ve had a few FaceTime calls and are getting to know each other.”

Tilly will be working with her dream age group.

“I will be based in Vancouver, near the university campus so they’ll be a lot of people my age. My job will be to look after one little girl who will be 2 when I fly across. My favourite age I’ve looked after so far is 2 – 3, so it’s just perfect.”

“The schedule isn’t set in stone but I’ll have set working hours in the day. So I will work their work hours, when she is at nursery I’ll have a few hours off but still be on standby if needed. As the mum is a doctor, she’ll be on call sometimes so will need me then. I will work five days a week and have at least 2 days off. If they need an extra day they’ll pay me an extra day. I will get paid an hourly rate, I get a free room and bathroom in their house, I’ll have meals with them or if I want extra I can buy something in myself.”

“I’ve heard it’s an amazing place to live.”

The family Tilly will be working for will get to meet her family to ease any nerves before she starts her 7-month placement.

“My family and I are going out a week before for a little holiday so that we can explore and they can help settle me in. I think it will help my mum feel better too, giving away her child for the first time. I’m really looking forward to it.”

“I’ll be out there for about 7 months but come home for Christmas and New Year. If they go on holiday or a day out they said I can go with them or do my own thing. I’ll either go travelling or go home. I’m just going to see what happens. It’s good training for university having that time away from home.”

“Then the plan is on my return, to get a job and gain more experience before I go off to university.”

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