Which course is right for me?

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Which course is right for me?



Entry Level
Entry level qualifications enable students with no formal qualifications to gain skills, enhance job prospects and improve English and maths. Students will gain an Entry Level Certificate and qualifications in maths and English.

Level 1 Routes to...
This qualification prepares students for future study. Each student will study a vocational subject alongside a compulsory core subject (English, Maths, IT or Preparation for Employment).

Level 2 Diploma
These GCSE equivalent qualifications develop knowledge of a specific subject area through vocational and academic study.

AS Level
This qualification represents the first half of a full A Level (A2 level). It is also a qualification in its own right.

A Level
A Level is the full 2 year qualification. A2 follows on from AS.

National Diploma
This qualification is the equivalent to 3 A Levels and can be used for university entry. It develops knowledge of a specific subject through vocational and academic study.

Progression Award
This qualification provides the skills and knowledge gained on an NVQ qualification, whilst developing additional skills. It offers an alternative for those people who do not have access to the NVQ route via employment.

NVQs are available from level 1 – which requires no previous knowledge – to Level 5 – the equivalent of post-graduate level.

What about Functional Skills and Enrichment Programmes?
These programmes will enhance your time at College, and are a valuable addition to your CV or university application.

Almost all students will be expected to take one or more of the core Functional Skills:
• English
• Information Technology
• Maths

These courses are available from Levels 1 to 3. Level 2 and 3 qualifications may contribute towards university course entrance requirements.