Ukrainian Mother and Son complete three English levels in one year

Svitlana Svietlychna and Leonid Svietlychni are a Mother and Son duo from the Ukraine. They joined college to improve their already impressive skills. Leonid also applied for a Computer Software course and has been studying the two courses simultaneously.

Tutor Adele Johnson has been so impressed with the pair, she wanted other second language students to feel inspired by their story and to show them where the English course could take them.

Adele Johnson, the Roll on and Roll off English tutor told us, “The Roll on Roll off English Course is normally for pre-apprentices. Leonid and Svitlana’s English was too advanced for the ESOL course so they got put on this programme. They have smashed it and both need celebrating. It’s difficult for second language speakers and they’ve done so well moving to this country and excelling in their studies. They started on an Entry Level course last summer. Since then, they have done a further two courses, all within one year.”

Leonid explained how he found out about the courses available at college. “We found out about the English courses here at college through the Government emails. Our host who we are currently living with also informed us about the courses here.

We found it hard at first. It was helpful for us both to be on the course as we could help each other. The Level 2 course has been a little more complicated as there are lots of studying around language techniques, grammar and a lot of GCSE content.”

Adele speaks about how this course has helped them outside of college. “This course has allowed them to look at moving into their own house, employment and allowed them to integrate with the community.”

Leonid is studying another course alongside his English. “The support has been so important for us. Most of the learners are from this country so they have supported us to feel a part of the community. I am finishing my Software Development course in four weeks and hope to progress onto an apprenticeship.”

Svitlana was a teacher before moving to the UK, she tells us “We lived in a bigger city back home. It’s beautiful here but we want to live somewhere bigger with better transport links as I don’t currently drive and want to find work.

I was a teacher back in the Ukraine. I taught Ukrainian Language and Literature and want to go back to doing that here.”

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