Scott Sansom came back to college as a determined mature student

Scott Sansom decided to return to college to qualify and kick start his career in software development.

Scott attended Chesterfield College back in 2008, after a few courses, trips to Australia and multiple jobs, he knew that college was the best place for him to come back to and get his dream career.

“I started at Level 1 in 2008 and followed on with level 2 and 3 and passed them all. They spoke about university but when I thought about the debt, I just thought I’d find a normal job. I went to Australia in 2017 for a year, character built and decided to get back and get a job.”

Scott Sansom - mature college student

Scott completed his 2 year foundation year and is now topping up his degree to achieve his BSC Honours in software development.

“We did a little bit of everything on the foundation to see what we did and didn’t like. It was a great way to decide what we wanted to specialise in.”

“I’m now in my final year, just focussing on the software of interactive technology, so making apps and virtual reality and the rest of the class doing networking. You could decide which side of the course you wanted to specialise on in your final year.

A lot of it’s quite fulfilling, if you make an app or a game, you’ve got something to show for it. That’s the side of the work I like.

We get to make a game or virtual reality game. I have a VR headset at home so I can work on it and test it in and out of college.”

Scott feels like with VR being so hyped and talked about, it will be great for him to have on his CV. He feels like it’s something he can carry on working on after his time at college.

We asked Scott what it was like coming back to college as a mature learner and whether this has benefitted his studies.

“I have found it beneficial coming to college at a later stage, I’m in a position where I know what I actually want. Having years out and meeting lots of people has really helped.

It is nerve-wracking being an older student but as long as you come out of your shell and focus on what you want and get involved in the group assignments, you’ll be fine.”

Scott is graduating in May after his 3 years of studying, we asked now it’s getting closer if he’s excited about the prospect.

“I’m looking forward to graduating, finishing and knowing I’ve done everything that I can do.”

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