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  • New Year Campaign - Olivia Evans

    Olivia is making the most of being a college student

    News story

    Olivia has ADHD and dyslexia so studying has always been a challenge for her. She says that her time at college has given her so much more than just learning about beauty therapy.

  • New Year - Tim Curbbun

    Tim's assessor qualification has helped to get his dream job

    News story

    Tim combined his experience of the beauty industry with a passion for supporting people and his dream of teaching by training to be an assessor at Chesterfield College and hasn't looked back since he qualified.

  • New Year campaign - Sarah Hayes

    College is helping Sarah to see a positive future

    News story

    After battling illness and anxiety Sarah says that coming to college has literally changed her life.

  • New Year campaign - Bethany Hilton

    A fresh start for Bethany

    News story

    After being bullied at school, Bethany saw coming to college as a fresh start and a way to make new friends. She says college hasn’t disappointed her and is working towards her dream of becoming a make-up artist.