Workskills gives unemployed man a fast track to management

Workskills - Gareth Bingham

Gareth Bingham from Chesterfield is celebrating after going from long-term unemployed to a trainee manager at McDonald’s in just six months. He thanks the Workskills programme run by Chesterfield College, funded through DBC Training, for getting him back to work and highlighting what he was capable of.

Gareth was in danger of just being another statistic. He had been unemployed for 13 years. After completing hundreds of applications and attending dozens of interviews, his confidence had taken a huge hit and he was beginning to believe that he would never find a job. When the job centre suggested he completed a Workskills course that would give him the key skills an employer was looking for, he jumped at the chance to try something new to get back into work.

Gareth said: “The Workskills course really prepared me for what would be expected in the job at McDonald’s. So I got chance to refresh skills that I hadn’t used for years and when it came to the interview I felt I was much more confident and better prepared. I love being back in work. Six months ago I would never have imagined I could have achieved so much in such a short space of time. I have been awarded employee of the month and I am now on a management training scheme. Without Workskills I don’t think I could have done any of this.”

Chris Brown, Manager of the Markham Vale McDonald’s told us: “Gareth puts in double the effort and his attitude is excellent. If it hadn’t been for Workskills we may never have found him. Recruiting through Workskills helps us to find the people who really want to work but just need a helping hand to get back into employment or to get new and relevant skills. The people we recruit this way are ready to work and tend to stay with us for longer. That is great for us and means that the employee is more likely to progress too.”

Almost 80% of people who attend a Workskills course with Chesterfield College get back into employment. Courses are available in many different sectors to anyone who is over 19, unemployed and claiming Job Seeker Allowance or Employment Support Allowance, Universal Credit or Income Support.

To find out more about the Workskills programme call 01246 500 701 or email