SEO experts link web design students with future success

SEO talk with SEO CoPilot

We're all for industry experts coming into College and passing on some of the latest and greatest in skills and knowledge that will help students progress in their future careers. As such, we were delighted to welcome SEO experts, SEO CoPilots, into College recently to present a masterclass in Search Engine Optimisation.

Digital and Creative Industries Lecturer at Chesterfield College, Julia Allen, went the extra mile for her students and made the link with SEO CoPilots so they can begin to master the complicated world of SEO giving them the competitive edge when looking for work out in industry.

The session proved to be particularly popular, providing students with updated knowledge on the latest Google algorithms (a search engines mathematical equation used to arrange the positioning of websites in their search results). Gearing the students with a solid understanding of how to provide future clients with a fantastic service meant skills workshops in correct html tag usage, site structure and setup, effective use of Google Analytics and verifying sites in Google webmaster tools.

It doesn't end there however as SEO CoPilots will continue linking with the students to provide further knowledge on advanced topics such as avoiding duplicate content issues, blocking thin pages and more. Two of Julia Allen's students have even secured part-time employment with the company which we are absolutely delighted with.