Are you getting the facts about your child's future?


If you have a child aged 14-16 you’ll probably have been inundated with information from schools and colleges about what they should do next, what subjects they should learn, where they should study or what qualifications they should get.

The growth of technology (especially the internet) has changed the job market dramatically over the past 10 years, meaning that chances are young people are learning skills for jobs that don’t even exist yet!

In this climate, making the right decisions about where and what to study is more important than ever.

You might also have been told about a new government initiative known as Raising the Participation Age or RPA. This means that young people have to stay in some form of education or training until the age of 18. To be clear, this does not mean they have to stay at school to do this. They could come to college to continue their studies, start an Apprenticeship or even train on the job – the opportunities are endless.

This might all sound a bit overwhelming – that’s why at Chesterfield College we offer a free and impartial Information, Advice and Guidance service. This means your son or daughter can arrange an appointment with us (which you’re more than welcome to come along to) to discuss what they’d like to do next and what they need to get there.

Our expert team can help with things like what subjects they’ll need to study to get them ready for certain jobs, what qualifications are important to universities, UCAS university applications and much more.

Come and visit us at our next open evening – Saturday 16th May 2015 10am-1pm to book a free, impartial appointment or call 01246 500 500 for more information.