Your questions about coming to college answered!

Busted Myths

Summer’s here and school is out. If your September plans are not quite nailed on this might help you to get to that all important decision about what’s next after school.

We’ve put together a myth busting guide, based on some of the queries we often get asked, to help you if you’re spoilt for choice or in a dilemma about where and what to study.

1) “Don’t I have to pass an interview to get in?”

Yes there’s an interview, no it doesn’t involve a panel of judges, an audience vote and a sing-off. It’s just an informal chat to see which course is right for you and your career plans. Find out more here

2) “Yeah I might get a qualification, but it won’t be as good as A Levels”

Behave. At Level 3 there are loads of alternatives to A Levels. A BTEC Diploma is the same as three A Levels. They can also be worth up to 420 UCAS points should uni be your goal. And if A Levels  are your thing, we’ve got 17 of them to choose from.

3) “I’m not going to Chezzy College, I can’t get there.”

You can walk, jog, run, drive, skip, hop, float, fly or hitch a ride in an X-Wing. Or you could catch one of a gazillion buses from across Derbyshire that drop you off outside the college’s front door.

It’s easy and cheap to get a bus pass to get you to college every day and you may be eligible for a bursary to help with funding. Don’t let a silly thing like travel stop you from coming to college. See our useful guide to transport options and help with travel costs here

4) “I’ve been told I won’t have as good a choice of careers if I go to college?”

At one point people thought the Earth was flat. Don’t believe everything you’re told. We open up a huge range of careers for you (nd we’ll advise you on which options best suit you and your interests).

5) “My English and maths GCSEs did not go well…I have no options left.”

Fear not, we specialise in second chances, last chance saloons and final straws.

We can help you achieve the grades you need in maths and English if your GCSEs didn’t quite go to plan.

There are always options available to you, talk to us first so we can put you on the right path.

 Want to know more? Take a look at the courses we have on offer or call us on 01246 500500 to arrange an interview with our student services team.