Jake Bugg to work with students on next Melodic Caring Project gig

Jake Bugg MCP

When Jake Bugg returns to Nottingham following his world tour tonight (2nd March) his music will not only delight fans in the audience at the Royal Concert Hall, he’ll be sending out special messages of support to seriously ill children in Nottingham Queens Medical Centre and beyond, giving them the chance to see and hear his live show from their beds. 

Jake and his support act, Georgie are the latest artists to work with the Melodic Caring Project, a charity established in America, to bring the joy and healing powers of live music to children and young people who can’t physically attend concerts because of long term illnesses or life limiting conditions.  

Student volunteers from Chesterfield College, the UK partners of the charity, use the skills they are gaining in the classroom, under the watchful eye of their tutors, to film and stream the concert and to work with healthcare professionals to ensure more patients can access this unique service.

Helping to facilitate access to the performance is Nottingham Hospitals’ Radio who will also broadcast the gig to patients across Queens Medical Centre. Children in the artist’s hometown as well as other young people from across the country and on the east coast of America, will be named rockSTARs for the evening. The rockSTARs will be given special access to a live stream of the concert and will hear messages of support from the artist and the audience. This not only gives them a brief respite from their medical care it helps to boost their morale and has been shown to have therapeutic benefits as well. 

Jake said:“It’s an honour to be able to share my music with young people who are going through so much. Live music was a huge part of my life as I was growing up and I think it’s really important to give as many people as possible access to it. It obviously has a huge impact on the rockSTARs when they know artists are performing with them on their minds and it’s an amazing feeling to know that my music is reaching them in this way.”

James Marples, Senior Marketing Officer from Chesterfield College who established the partnership with Melodic Caring Project said:“We’re really excited to be working with Jake and his team, the Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham Hospitals’ Radio and the staff at Queens Medical Centre. It’s brilliant to see so many people get behind the Melodic Caring Project and spread the reach of the work we are doing. The emotional and physiological impact on our rockSTARS is such a unique, uplifting experience. It provides invaluable respite from illnesses that take over every facet of their life. In terms of work experience our students cherish every moment working on the project and take huge inspiration toward the career they are pursuing.” 

Julie Caston, Presenter and Head of Fundraising & PR at Nottingham Hospitals’ Radio said:“Nottingham Hospitals’ Radio are really excited to be involved in broadcasting the gig. From talking to patients on our ward visits we know they really appreciate something to take their mind off being in hospital when they are receiving treatment  – and what better way than getting a shout out from a live gig! It’s something really different for us and we hope the patients love it.”