Chesterfield College says 'Yes, you can' make it happen in 2018

Yes, you can - general 1

Are you going to make 2018 the year you get the qualification you need to get that promotion or to change your career? Is this the year that you start that evening class that you’ve been meaning to do for years but just haven’t got around to?

If you plan to come back to college but still feel like there are lots of hurdles to get over, take a look at our myth busting guide, put together based on what our adult students tell us stopped them from returning to college sooner.  


1)    “I can’t afford it”

There might be options open to help you. Advanced Learner loans are available for anyone 19 and over to cover course and exam fees which you don’t pay back until you earn over £21,000. Alternatively, your employer might be happy to fund some of your learning if it is linked to your job.

 2)    “I haven’t got time”

You’ve probably got more than you think. There are a range of flexible study options available which help you to juggle the demands of working, family life and studying. Take a look at the range of part time courses available starting in January. 

 3)    “You can’t learn anything new at my age”

Yes you can. Our oldest learner is 76. You’re never too old. Lifelong learning is vital to your mental and physical health. Age is just a number and we really believe new tricks aren’t just for new dogs!

 4)    “I don’t think I can do it”

Yes you can! College is a really supportive environment where you’ll be welcomed. Support staff, tutors and fellow students provide a great network to help you achieve whatever you set out to do.

 5)   “I didn't enjoy school and would it be different?”

Yes it would! Many of our adult learners come with this idea but soon realise the environment is worlds apart from school. The fact that you’re older and you’ll be the one choosing the subject you want to study makes a difference too.

Take a look at how some of our students made it happen last year. 

Find out more about the range of courses and apprenticeships available at Chesterfield College.

We hope this helps to see how enrolling on that course can be one new year’s resolution you can stick to.