Dutch sports students visit Chesterfield College

Dutch visit

This week we welcomed students sport and fitness students from ROC Nijmegen in The Netherlands to Chesterfield College.

The students have spent time with their peers at Chesterfield College taking part in lessons as part of a programme which aims to give them an insight into sport and fitness in other countries.

Both sets of students have been communicating by email before they met in person and are working together in a range of sessions where they can share experiences of their studies and their ambitions when they achieve their sport and fitness qualifications.

Dutch student,18 year old Amira said:

“It is really interesting to get this experience and to see the similarities and differences between the course in the UK and in The Netherlands. We have only been here for a few days but everyone has been very friendly so far. It is a great opportunity for us to be here.”

Chesterfield College student, Callum said:

“The Dutch students have amazing English skills which makes sharing information about the things we are studying easy. I love how they are getting the opportunity to travel and take sport to other countries. It would be brilliant to have the same opportunities.”

The tutor from ROC Nijmegen, Leontine Toussaint told us:

“A few years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Chesterfield College to learn more about the programmes you offer. The courses you run are very similar to the ones we offer and we share similar teaching principles but there were some differences which I liked and I wanted my students to experience.  The trip is designed to help students learn from other sports students but also to prepare them for a 4 week internship that they do as part of their course in the summer. They are sharing knowledge about sport and fitness with their peers but they are also learning important life skills about travelling and working in different countries.”

Michelle Waring-Smith, Sports lecturer from Chesterfield College said:

“It is really important to give students different experiences so we are really pleased to be able to host this visit. Our students are learning a lot from the Dutch students. It is great to see them share knowledge and experiences of sport across different cultures.”

Dutch visit 2