Hands-on experience helps Hannah secure her place at university

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Hannah Birks did a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care. As part of her course she was given the chance to do a NHS Cadetship. She tells us how this experience has helped her to get a place on a midwifery course at university.

“The college’s link with Chesterfield Royal Hospital gave me access to a fantastic 12-week NHS Cadetship programme along with 12 other fellow students. I’d been trying to gain experience at Chesterfield Royal for years without any luck but college really helped me to get my foot in the door.

I spent part of my cadetship in the maternity ward working alongside experienced midwives who helped me to see exactly what the role involved.

There was a moment in my first hour on the maternity ward when I was calming down a lady and her husband as she prepared to go for a C-section. Just giving them the support and confidence to know that everything was going to be ok made me think “yes this is exactly what I want to do”.

Without this experience I wouldn’t have gained a place at Sheffield Hallam University next year to study midwifery. Having experience was vital in my application. Yes they’re interested in your grades but they want to see what relevant experience you have.

During my university interview I was asked what maternity experience I have and I was able to refer to lots of experience and practice I gained whilst on the cadetship, other applicants were leaving in floods of tears as they had the grades but not the experience.”

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