Get ready for A Level results day

A level results day 2016

Have you put all thoughts of your A Levels out of your mind now the exams are over or are you counting down the hours until results day? Whichever approach you’re taking, there isn’t long to go until the time comes to open that envelope and find out how you did.

Results day is probably going to feel like a huge deal but actually all the hard work is done and the only thing left to do is to make whatever is in that envelope count. 

Getting your results marks the end of years of study and what probably feels like an endless amount of exams. It is also the day you can start to make plans for your next steps whether that’s a university place, a different route of study or starting a new job.

Results day this year is on 17 August when the Heartspace at college will become results central from 7.30am. We’ll be on hand to celebrate with you and to support you to make plans for your future.

Being prepared will help you on results day; particularly if you have university plans.  Here are just a few things to remember and some useful places to look for more information.

1)    Do a bit of research

Find out what you can expect to happen on results day and what you need to do when you’ve got the information you need.

-          If you’ve applied to university, UCAS have all the details you will need here 

-          If you’re considering a higher apprenticeship take a look at the options open to you here 

2)    Relax and eat well

Between now and results day spend time doing the things you enjoy and try to relax. Worrying about your results won’t change them. Make sure you have a good breakfast on the morning of results day. There will be lots of things to organise and possibly lots of celebrating to do so you’ll need the energy.

3) Remember to take

-       UCAS tracking data and any correspondence with details of your offers and contact details for the universities where you have offers

-       Notepad and pen for jotting down details so you don’t forget in all the excitement

-       A mobile phone fully charged – Parents and friends will want to know how you did and of course you’ll want to take those #examresults  #resultsday17  selfies

 4)    Don’t panic

Whatever the results there are plenty of options open to you. It could involve more study at college or moving on to a higher-level apprenticeships, and much more besides. Our Advice and Guidance Team will be on hand to help you on results day and beyond. See what our Advice and Guidance Team have to say about how to handle results day.

5) Celebrate

Whatever your results, when you’ve got a plan for the next step all sorted, celebrate where you’ve got to and what the future might hold. Make it happen!