Victoria conquers fear of singing to raise over £300 for Cancer Trust

Performing Arts Cancer Trust fundraising chesterfield college

Performing Arts student Victoria has battled her fear of singing in order to raise £307 for the Teenage Cancer Trust, more specifically, for her cousin Jordan who is currently battling cancer in hospital.

With the support of her classmates, Victoria sang during the final performances of the year in front of her peers, their parents and members of the public. Victoria explains, "As my cousin Jordan is in hospital battling cancer he's had to conquer his fear of needles so I thought if he can do it, so can I!

"Ever since I was in year 7 I've had a huge fear of singing in front of people but this has actually boosted my confidence too so I'm really glad i forced myself to do it, I just kept thinking of Jordan throughout my performance and that helped me to get through it.

"The idea actually came to me when I heard the chorus of Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls one day on the radio - it really inspired me. Of course it's not just for Jordan, it's for all of the teenagers bravely battling cancer. The fundraising will continue next year when Jordan's girlfriend is taking part in a skydive."