Can your company offer work experience placements to our students?

Apprenticeships - Kamili Safaris

As part of our study programme, we’re looking for local employers to support us in preparing our students for the world of work. We need local businesses across all industry sectors to come forward and offer work placement opportunities to bridge the skills gap between education and the world of work, and to help develop the employability skills of the young people within our community.

This vital work experience will provide students with a realistic view of the world of work, and allows them to understand first-hand what it’s like to work within their chosen sector. Having this opportunity will also open their eyes to the variety of job roles available and help guide them when it comes to choosing which direction to take after college.

What’s in it for you?

Working with us will not only help you to stand out amongst your competitors and raise the profile of your company, but will also bring lots of other benefits too:

  • Our enthusiastic students can provide new ideas and a fresh outlook
  • They can share their newfound skills, knowledge and expertise
  • You can develop the supervision and delegation skills of your current workforce
  • A great opportunity for you to scout new talent

What you need to do

To help us enhance the learning of our students all you need to do is:

  • Provide a meaningful placement (the length/duration is up to you)
  • Appoint a member of your team to supervise and support the learner
  • Allow us to complete a risk assessment

To show our appreciation for your support, we aim to make this process as simple as possible for you. A member of our Student Futures team will be on-hand to answer any questions you may have and will only be a phone call away at all times.

What’s next?

If you would like to support our work experience programme by offering a placement to one or more of our students then we’d love to speak with you. Please call Patricia on 01246 500601 or email to find out more.