Students learn how to be fighting fit for a fantastic performance

Performing arts combat techniques

Expert Stage Combat Director, Chris Rae is working with Level 3 Performing Arts students today to prepare them to wow audiences with realistic fight scenes a performance of Romeo and Juliet that will take place in the spring.

Chris holds Honours and specialist levels in Stage Combat. He has worked professionally for the past 7 years helping performers prepare for dramatic fight scenes on stage and screen. 

Under Chris’ watchful eye, students have been learning how to wow audiences with realistic fight scenes at the same time as keeping themselves and their fellow actors safe. They are spending the day learning armed and unarmed combat techniques including falls, slaps and punches.

All of these skills will give students useful techniques for their future career and they’ll be able to put them into practice when they start working  on the fight scenes in their next performance.

Chris said:

“If you want a career in theatre or film chances are you will be asked by a director to take part in some kind of combat scene at some point.  The fact that these students are getting these skills now means that it puts them ahead of the game and they can impress directors when it comes to auditioning for parts. It takes skill to do this realistically and safely so this workshop is a great opportunity to start developing those skills.”

Performing arts - combat workshop

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